Dyeing Process

Anticrease Lubricants

  • Anticrease lubricants promotes opening of the fabric rope and displacement of folds or creases in cellulosics and polyester
  • Anticrease lubricants acts as a lubricant when the fabric rubs against itself or machine parts, and eliminates yarn/fibre abrasion.
  • Anticrease lubricants has no restraining effect on dyes.
  • Anticrease lubricants is highly stable to caustic alkali and to high electrolyte concentration making it ideal for application of all dyes on cellulosic fibres & their blends.
  • Anticrease lubricants has excellent emulsifying properties for residual oils, waxes and fats, and enables a single-bath scour-dye process for 100% polyester.
  • Anticrease lubricants is non foaming and facilitates smooth running in jet machines with higher machine loading at shorter liquor ratios.
  • Anticrease lubricants meets EEC legislation for biodegradability-biodegradability 83% doc removal (bioeliminiation by modified oecd 301c test, doc analysis).
  • In case of terry towels, anticrease lubricant’s lubrication property minimizes the weight loss in pretreatment & dyeing process, thus cost advantage.
  • Anticrease lubricants results in fabric without spot or stains or creases.
  • No need for additional dye bath lubricants.
  • Anticrease lubricants are applicable in pre-treatment, dye bath and after treatment.
  • No restraining effect and unpleasant fumes during drying.
  • Anticrease lubricants are suitable for all types of equipment and short to long liquor ratios, including jet and package dyeing machines.
  • Anticrease lubricants makes possible scour-dye techniques on 100% polyester.
  • Anticrease lubricants enhances the heat setting efficiency making fabric more stable for processing.
  • Anticrease lubricants improves stain removal after heat setting, particularly on difficult fibre types like micro fibres or elastane blends.
Product Name Properties / Uses
Finolube FI / CC An economical anticrease lubricant to prevent crease marks in cotton as well as polyester – preparation & dyeing stage of operation in rope form.
Finocon CAZ Premium Anticrease lubricant having emulsification property to remove oils to avoid marks occurring due to fabric-fabric & fabric to metal friction.
Finolube PP Concentrated anti crease lubricating agent in powder form.

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