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Anticrease Resins

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finopret LF Conc. / DMDFVV A DMDHEU based cross linking agent for wash‐n wear anti crease finish without built‐in catalyst.
  • Anticrease resins is a modified dimethylol dihydroxy ethylene urea resin used for the finishing of woven and knitted cellulose fibres and their blends.
  • Anticrease resins is applied by normal dry cross-linking methods on fabric.
  • Anticrease resins provides wash-and-wear effects durable to washing up to the boil
Finox KVEC / SKV / Finopret LF Plus A low formaldehyde cross linking agent for wash‐n‐wear anticrease finish with built‐in catalyst.
  • Anticrease resins has all the inherent merits of that system with comparable crease recovery performance. Its distinguishing feature is the low content of formaldehyde.
Finopret ZF A Zero formaldehyde cross‐linking agent for wash‐n‐wear anticrease finish, without built‐in catalyst.
  • Anticrease resins Provides chlorine resistant finishing
  • Anticrease resins is compatible with most additives used in textile finishing
  • Anticrease resins Minimises tendency to yellow
  • Anticrease resins Delivers excellent crease recovery and shrinkage control
  • Anticrease resins Can be used with fluorochemical based water repellents
  • Because of high reactivity, an increase of stenter frame speed is possible for approx. 10%
Finopret NFR A Zero formaldehyde cross‐linking agent for wash‐n‐wear anti crease finish with built‐in catalyst.

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