Pre - Treatment Process

Demineralising Agents

Product Name Properties / Uses
Sequel 100 A An excellent chelating agent, having acidic pH.
  • Pretreatment chemicals possesses high hydrolytic stability and maintains its sequestering activity across a wide pH range.
  • Pretreatment chemicals has good defloccualtion property and dispersing action on suspended solids.
  • Pretreatment chemicals Improves brightness in cottons during scouring and bleaching and in washing of coloured fabrics.
  • Pretreatment chemicals Eliminates tendency of salt precipitation during print-paste preparations.
  • Acts as an efficient peroxide stabiliser in bleach liquor and prevents occurrence of pin-holes in cotton fabrics.
Diquest S Sequesterant & demineralising agent with neutral pH.
Finoquest W Concentrated Sequesterant having acidic pH.
Finocon SEQ New Concentrated Sequestering agent in powder form
Finocon Antox / EETR / IDU NEW Thermo stable sequesterant & demineralising Agent IDU NEW having acidic pH, specially suitable for removal of iron contamination.
  • sequestering ferric and heavy-metal ionsvery effectively at the operating temperatures of 90-95˚ C employed forscour-bleach of cottons.
  • Pretreatment chemicals prevents risk of pin-holing and spot-breakages in fabric and yarn respectively to improve overall quality and winding properties.
  • Pretreatment chemicals eliminates Calcium and Magnesium powdery precipitates or lime-soap depositson textile goods and prevents build up ofinsoluble scale in machinery in all wet –processing operations.
  • Pretreatment chemicals is highly effective in minimizing colouration faults caused due to heavy-metal ions

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