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Dye Fixing Agents

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finofix PBCT / Finofix PBC Conc. A cationic dye-fixing agent, with high molecular weight, for fixing of cellulose dyed / printed with direct and reactive.
  • Dye Fixing Agents greatly improves the wet fastness properties of direct and reactive dyed and printed cellulose fibres
  • Dye Fixing Agents has little or no effect on the shade of dyeings of prints
  • No impairement of light fastness property
  • Both a complex former and has affinity for the fibre
  • Dye Fixing Agents does not affect the handle of the fibre
Finofix NFE / Conc / 4231 Cationic Dye fixing agents with no formaldehyde content to improve wash- fastness of reactive dyed yarn / fabrics with minimal tone-change & effect on light fastness.
  • Dye Fixing Agents gives direct and reactive dyeings and prints excellent domestic laundering fastness and very good wel-fastness properties.
  • Gives better dye fixing results compared to normal dye fixing agents manufactured from formaldehyde with respect to tone/colour changes & bleeding of dyes.
  • Dye Fixing Agents has only minimal influence on the light fastness of the dyeings.
  • Releases no formaldehyde either on the goods or in the fixation bath.
Finofix RD A special non-formaldehyde fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes.
Finofix NFYT A special non formaldehyde fixing agent for dyeing especially for the turquoise shade and tone change.
Finofix CF Conc A special chlorine fastness non-formaldehyde fixing agent

We are a well known manufacturer and exporter of dye fixing agents, based in Mumbai, India.

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