Dyeing Process

Washing Off Agents

Product Name Properties / Uses
Diquest SNA Polymeric compound with protective colloidal & sequestering property. They bind the impurities, prevent redeposition and improve fastness and give brilliancy on white goods.
  • Washing off agents exhibits excellent dispersing effect on Raw Cotton impurities (Waxes & Pectinates) and on the precipitates caused due to hard water.
  • Washing off agents also has moderate chelating effect on metal ions.
  • Consequently Washing off agents eliminates the adverse effect of Calcium and Mg++ ions on the solubility of anionic dyes and their affinity to cellulosics.
  • Washing off agents has limited chelating potential, insufficient to remove metal ions form metal complex dye hence it does not impair the shade and fastness properties of dyeing obtained with reactive and direct, metal complex dyes.
  • Washing off agents is nonfoaming
  • Washing off agents offers many advantages over strong, purely chelating agents based on EDTA and NTA.
Diquest AP 274 Efficient reactive washing off detergent with special reference to remove silicate from dyed fabrics and gums from printed fabrics.
Finocon RDP An efficient dispersent and protective colloid, chelating agent for all stages inprocessing especially washing-off agent for Reactive dyed & printed fabrics, in powder form.
Finowash RL Reactive washing off agent in acid medium, thereby reducing one process of neutralization, leading to saving in utility costs and time.
  • This Washing off agent has moderate tendency to foam.
  • This Washing off agent Exhibits excellent Neutralizing property consumptions of Acid can be reduced.
  • Excellent Washing off properties, and ensures rapid removal of unfixed dyes and optimize the process cycle.
  • This Washing off agent can be applied with Acetic Acid. Thus reduces the consumption of water and acid results.
  • A significant reduction in ETP by reducing BOD and COD loads.
Finocon SSWX Highly effective single bath soaping agent for substrate dyed and printed with reactive dyes.
  • This Washing off agent is high affinity to hydrolysis and improves soaping efficiency.
  • Excellent dispersibility and prevents the staining back to fiber.
  • This Washing off agent is low sensitive to salt and hard water and improves soaping process.
  • High soaping efficiency and improves fastness properties.
  • No effect on fabric shade Easily biodegradable.
Finocon 6065 W A special soaping agent for Reactive Dyes for dyeing & printing process highly effective at 60-70 oC.
Biotex CT 22 A novel soaping agent for P/C Blends which eliminates the Reduction Clearing Process and is energy saving, cost saving and also reducing ETP load by 30%
  • This Washing off agent is used to Wash off the adsorptive reactive dyes/disperse dyes on polyester and cotton fiber in one bath (wash fastness can be improved).
  • The process is shorter because reduction clearing is not needed.
  • Water and Energy are also reduced.
  • This Washing off agent is APEO free

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