Dyeing Process

Levelling Agents

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finosil AB Levelling agent for dyeing of polyester and their blends with disperse dyes.
  • This leveling agent reduces the rate of dyeing of dispersing dyes in the heating phase
  • Leveling agents remains fully effective in presence of other dyeing chemicals and does not impair their properties.
  • Leveling agents has good electrolyte stability
  • Leveling agents Contains no carrier
  • This leveling agent produces high surface levelness
  • Additionally, This leveling agent aids dispersion of the dyebath
Finocon DG New Levelling & relevelling agent for dyeing of polyester and their blends with disperse dyes.
  • This leveling agent is solvent based
  • Leveling agents ensures uniform build-up of disperse dyes at lower temp. in the range of 98 to 120˚C for polyester and blends, where high temp. adversely affects the substrates like spandex, wool etc.
  • This leveling agent is highly efficient relevelling agent for dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes to ensure uniform dyeings.
  • Leveling agents produces brighter shades.
  • Leveling agents has no adverse effect on light fastness
Finocon SMK-U Versatile levelling agent for dyeing of nylon & wool.
  • This leveling agent has good levelling action.
  • Leveling agent Improves migration, enabling good barre coverage.
  • Leveling agent Has affinity for the fibre as well as the dyestuff.
Finocon CLA 100S Versatile levelling agent for dyeing acrylic fibres & fabric with cationic dyes.
  • This leveling agent is Good all round effect on all type of acrylic fibers.
  • Suitable for all types.
  • No applicable blocking effect, hence good bath exhaustion
  • This leveling agent does not effect on the fastness properties
Finosil CDL New / RDL Levelling agent for the dyeing for reactive dyes on cellulosic fiber and fabric.
  • This leveling agent Helps disaggregation and dispersion of dyestuff and precipitating salts, improving dyebath stability.
  • Leveling agent Buffer action prevents shock during the alkali phase and ensures uniform fixation.
  • Leveling agent Controls the strike rate in the adsorption phase leading to level dyeing.
  • Leveling agent Increases yield and improves reproducibility of dyeings produced with dyes sensitive to calcium and magnesium present in water, salt, fabric etc.
  • Leveling agent Improves dyestuff solubility.
Finosil PLA New Dispersing & Leveling agent for Polyester Dyeing with no retarding effect.
  • Leveling agent Optimizes reproductibility of results: No adverse effect on dye dispersion hence no dye agglomeration & no quality problems with stains and specks. Dyed shades are level and more even appearance of goods.
  • Very good dispersing effect on disperse dyes: Additional use of dispersing agent is not necessary.
  • Leveling agenthas minimum or no retarding effect: Best dye yield and high reproducibility of results because the leveling of dyed shades occur through synchronization & migration.
Finocon DALP Dispersing and leveling agent based on migration theory for polyester dyeing with no retarding effect
  • Leveling Agenthas Dye Dispersion Stability
  • Leveling Agent eliminates the dye aggregation in dye bath even at 140oC and avoids dye spots
  • Less surface deposition of unexhausted dye and hence improved fastness Levelling
  • uniform dyeing
  • Leveling agent helps compensate for lack of compatibility of dyes in mixtures used because of economy or particular fastness properties.
  • improved 'Right-First-Time' dyeing and increased productivity.
  • No Retarding
  • full shade and minimum loss of dye in bath
  • Oligomer dispersion
  • no unwanted deposition both on fabric and machine surface.

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