Pre - Treatment Process


Product Name Properties / Uses
Finostab PK Inorganic Peroxide neutralizer to remove residual peroxide.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Provides greater efficiency of process by reducing the time and water required for intermediate rinsing between bleaching and dyeing.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Gives a balanced reaction with residual peroxide producing a soluble acid which helps in neutralising any residual alkali.
  • Does not interfere with subsequent Reactive dyeing even if used in excess.
Finozyme PKT Economical enzymatic peroxide neutralizer.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is Highly effective at low dosages and is eco-friendly
  • To be used in dye-bath before addition of dyes
  • Does not interfere in dyeings, there is no adverse effect on dyeing if used in excess
  • This Pretreatment chemical Helps in reducing process time by less intermediate washes between bleaching and dyeings and thereby reduces effluent load
  • This Pretreatment chemical Deactivation of peroxide starts at room temperature itself
  • Unlike other enzymes it has wide range of operating temperature and pH
Finostab HYPO Sodium hypochlorite neutralizer.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is a Sodium Hypochlorite neutraliser designed to remove residual chlorine from the fabric.
Finocon Pinky / KPP Potassium permanganate neutralizer in powder and liquid form.
  • Concentrated, powder reducing agent
  • Effective from 20°C
  • Rapid removal of manganese dioxide which is formed during bleaching process with potassium permanganate
  • This Pretreatment chemical Can also be used for dechlorination after hypochloride bleaching
Finozyme COM1003 / Finozyme CRPER A unique combination peroxide neutralizer and bio‐polish enzymes.
  • This Pretreatment chemical changes the rules of processing by shortening a two-step process to a simple one-step process, and allows bio-polishing to take place during the dyeing operation
  • Working across a wide pH range of 5-8, this robust enzyme solution allows mills to bio-polish without concerns over pH driftes that could arise from the leaching of residual alkali from cotton after bleaching
  • This Pretreatment chemical gives Faster output and generating greater cost saving
FInozyme 300L/ Finozyme PK CAT Conc Enzyme based concentrated peroxide neutraliser

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