Pre - Treatment Process

Non-Silicate Peroxide Stabiliser

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finostab AWNI Inorganic Stabilizer for peroxide bleaching of cotton and its blends.
  • This Pretreatment chemical has an anti-catalytic action
  • This Pretreatment chemical provides optimum fibre protection
  • Silicate - free
  • High efficacy
Finostab SS Organic Stabilizer for peroxide bleaching of cotton & its blends for exhaust process.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Optimises the rate of release of peroxy ions during bleaching both in batch wise and continuous operation.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Eliminates Ca++ and Mg++ powdery precipitates or lime soap deposits on substrate.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Replaces sodium silicate completely, i.e. it has the same stabilizing effect without disadvantages of silicate.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Enhances the degree of whiteness.
  • Forms complexes with heavy metal ions (e.g. Fe+++) thus preventing catalytic damage to the cotton fibre.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Improves the absorbency and handle of the material.
Finostab CBR Organic Stabilizer for peroxide bleaching for continuous process.

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