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Product Name Properties / Uses
Finolose TM - 12 / 2803 A Specialty softener to impart softness, antistatic, wicking & Soil release finish.
  • finishing polyester, nylon fabrics with FINOLOSE TM12 improves:
  • Initial antistat
  • Soil release
  • Anti soil redeposition
  • Water drop absorption
  • Wicking
Finox OZ9 A novel Protective agent against ozone fading of denim with excellent soft handle.
  • FINOX OZ9 is a new revolutionary softener system presenting the following benefits:
  • Soft, silky touch
  • Good exhaustability
  • Active protection against polluted air
Biosoft AOZ Conc Concentrated anti ozone softener with excellent soft feel
  • This textile finishing chemicals is primarily designed to improve ozone fastness
  • Also recommended for exhaust and padding operation
  • This textile finishing chemicals Impart fabrics with soft and bulky feeling.
  • Exhibits no tendency for sublimation.
  • This textile finishing chemicals Does not influence the shade or fastness properties of dyed goods
  • This textile finishing chemicals Does not affect the whiteness of brightened goods
  • Minimizes needle breakage and optimizes machine efficiency
  • Excellent hydrophilic and antistatic finishing effect, impart clothes with comfort ability.
  • specially suitable for indigo denim garment and fabric, enhance shelf life,
  • effectively resist oxidation fade influence of ozone to indigo dyes.
Finobloom Superior Colour enhancer for polyester & cotton dyed fabrics impart one step finish & imparting soft handle.
Jet Black SB/RED Special reactant type finishing agents and imparts excellent deep color effect for fabric.
Finoguard FLAM Durable Flame retarding agent for polyester & its blends.
  • This textile finishing chemicals Wash fast effect depending on No. and type of washing process.
  • No influence on handle.
  • No any significant influence on light fastness of dyes.
  • The shade / whiteness do not change significantly.
  • No any significant adverse effect on fabric strength.
Finocon CRO / CRO 100 Wet rub fastness improving agent for all dyed and printed fabric.
  • The wet rubbing fastness of cotton, polyester, T/C fabrics etc. can be improved significantly.
  • No influence to washing, and perspiration fastness, and handle of fabric.
  • This textile finishing chemicals is extremely effective on indigo dyed denims.
Flamguard CP Durable Flame retardant for cotton
Flamguard CT Durable Flame retardant for polyester
Finox UV 2000 Sun protection factor improver
Finox UVP A highly efficient UV absorber to process polyester textile goods selected for the automotive industry.
Finofresh Conc Anti-microbial and anti-odor finishing

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