Dyeing Process

Reduction Clearing Agent

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finotreat EC / 100P State - of - the art product,replacing both Caustic Soda & Sodium Hydro-Sulphite in Reduction Clearing. Enables to treat substrate after dyeing in acidic medium, thus saving neutralization step which leads to save time, water, stream, power & labour.
  • As there is no need to add alkali to the dyebath or to the freshclearing bath, or to acidify the polyester after the alkalinetreatment, less time, energy, water and chemicals are required andthe wastewater is much cleaner.
Biotex NAHY Four times stronger sodium hydrosulphite substitutes in powder form
  • BIOTEX NAHY is four time stronger reduction clearing agents replacement of sodium hydrosulphite, environment-friendly reducing agent widely used in textile dyeing and printing.
  • Strong reducing powder, good substitute to sodium hydrosulfite
  • Friendly to environment

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