Pre - Treatment Process

Wetting agents cum Detergents

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finocon FBOL / POL A highly efficient scouring agent for 100% polyester and their Blends with high alkali-stability, to produce soft feel when added to the weight reduction baths.
  • Pretreatment chemicals are very good wetting agent-cum-detergent with a strong emulsifying power
  • Pretreatment chemicals ensures removal of water soluble impurities from natural, synthetic and blended fabrics
Finocon 10X / 21X High power, low-foam, APEO free, wetting agent & detergent for both exhaust and continuous method.
  • Pretreatment chemicals Has excellent emulsifying and soil-suspending properties with sustained low foam character throughout heating, cooling and rinsing cycles.
  • Pretreatment chemicals is a concentrated product for uniform extraction of oils and waxes at low levels of application.
  • Possesses very high detergent action which ensures rapid removal of synthetic sizing agents and spinning oils from polyester and polyamide based fabrics.
  • Eliminates the need for defoamers/antifoaming agents; these are generally temperature-sensitive and tend to disintegrate under high –turbulence conditions.
  • Pretreatment chemicals is stable to hard water, acids and oxidising agents, and in caustic alkali upto caustic soda concentrations of 50 g/l.
Finocon MFN Premium High power, low-foam, APEO free, wetting agent & detergent for continuous preparation.
Finocon SPF High power, low‐foam, APEO free, wetting agent &detergent for continuous desizing and scouring.
Finocon 123 New An APEO free, low foaming nonionic wetting agent suitable for softflow machines.
Finocon K JET High performance, low‐foam, APEO free, wetting agent & detergent for both exhaust and continuous method.
Finocon WDR MI14530 Wetting cum dearating agent specially for Denim
Finocon SM Conc / JET Conc / RSPL Concentrated High performance, low‐foam, APEO free, wetting agent & detergent for both exhaust and continuous method.
Finocon WK conc An economical, nonionic, APEO free wetting agent.
  • APEO-free
  • Phosphate-free and solvent-free
  • Low foaming
  • Excellent deareating properties in yarn cheeses
  • Stable to alkali up to 30 g/l caustic soda
Finocon 4X / X55 A versatile scouring and stain remover on woven and hosiery fabrics.
  • FINOCON 4X is a non-foaming, specially developed auxiliary for pretreatment of textiles. It has effective, degreasing, wetting, stain removal and detergency action giving a very clean fibre/fabric.
  • It also serves as a machine cleaning agent.
Finocon L.D.Paste A versatile detergent with wetting and dispersing properties in scouring of polyester, cotton and washing off raw wool.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is a highly efficient scouring and kier-boiling detergent for cotton goods.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is an exclusive scouring and milling assistant for premium soft and lustrous wools.
  • This Pretreatment chemical assists wetting and penetration during bleaching of cellulosics.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is widely used in the scouring of synthetics and blends.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is an excellent washing-off / ‘soaping’ agent for reactive / azoic dyed goods
Finocon KRCP An excellent scouring cum stain removing agent especially for graphite stains on polyester & its blends.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is effective and rapid wetting
  • Retention of the wetting action in presence of acids, alkalies and salts.
  • Good Dispersing and emulsifying agent
  • This Pretreatment chemical reduces consumption of all chemical, because no other auxiliary is required.
  • Better penetration of disperse colour with brilliancy.
  • This Pretreatment chemical reduces cost of processing.
  • Sizing Agent & antistatic oil used in various stages of sizing/weaving /Twisting & spinning will leach out if the fabric is processed with FINOCON KRCP
  • 10 to 15% colour saving is possible depending upon the shades to be dyed.
  • This Pretreatment chemical can be used as a machine Cleaning Agent to clean the machine after dark shade dyeing
Biotex NELA All in one multifunctional product for pretreatment process reduces caustic dosage and process time
  • High degree of whiteness, excellent capillary effect, low strength loss
  • Low-alkali short-time bleaching, time, water and energy saving, high productivity Reduce wastewater emissions and COD
  • Non-banned substances, readily biodegradable
Biotex LTB Low temperature (75⁰- 80⁰C) wetting cum scouring agent retain fiber/ yarn strength also saves peroxide & stabilizer
  • Low temperature process can achieve good quality, comparable with traditional process
  • Low temperature process helps to reduce the energy consumption by 20% to 30%.
  • Low temperature process Reduces the heating and cooling time, thus saving the time by 20% to 30%.
  • Low temperature process helps to reduce the damage to fiber, thus lower weight loss, higher DP, higher strength, and better handle can be achieved.
Bioclay / Finocon CL33 Clay based all-in-one pretreatment product which includes scouring agent, lubricant and stabiliser and sequestering as well.
  • APEO free and environmental acceptability
  • This Pretreatment chemical is a Low foaming and excellent whiteness
  • This Pretreatment chemical is having Excellent wetting properties and soft handle
  • Minimal effect on fabric performance
Finoclean SW An excellent high performance liquid scouring agent for wool.
  • Acts rapidly to emulsify and remove oils, fats and soiling matter even at low treatment temperatures.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Maintains high detergent properties and lather under hard-water conditions.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Does not impart hash feel in carpet wools during washing.
  • This Pretreatment chemical Has very good dispersing qualities to ensure removal of loose/unfixed dye in soaping of coloured goods.
  • Provides as excellent base for the preparation of industrial and domestic detergent products.
Finocon LTX A highly efficient pretreatment product, It is environment-friendly for not containing APEO. The product has the functions of scouring, emulsifying, penetrating, bleaching and dispersing.
  • Extremely low loss of weight
  • Improving the whiteness by adding H2O2 into the finishing bath to meet higher whiteness requirement on pretreated fabrics
  • Adjust the pH value of the operating bath above 11.5 to impart better capillary effect of the fabric.
  • To get medium shade or deep color, H2O2 may not be needed in pretreatment, the treated fabric may enter the dyeing process after washing the treated fabric to pH=6.5-7.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is composed of multi ingredients used in traditional pre-treating process, so error of weighing and cost are reduced. And reproducibility of pre-treating effect is improved.
Finocon AIO/ Finocon DLZ All in one pretreatment product for pretreatment of cotton and its blend, which eliminates other auxiliary.
  • Multipurpose application & hence there is no need to use wetting agent; scouring & stain remover; stabilsier & sequesterant separately.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is very effective in removing grease/oil-borne stains/spots from natural & synthetic fabrics.
  • This Pretreatment chemical is a special compound with remarkable emulsifying properties for oil & fat stains, excellent wetting properties and a very good washing power.

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