Pre - Treatment Process

Wetting and Penetrating Agents

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finocon OTI A anionic, rapid wetting and re-wetting agent.
  • Good wetting even at low concentrations.
  • Excellent wetting agent
  • Multipurpose application in the neutral to acidic regions.
Finocon OTP A anionic rapid wetting and re-wetting agent in paste form.
Finocon AD80 A Concentrated anionic rapid wetting and re-wetting agent in liquid form.
Finocon MAOU Conc / MASUL High Power, Concentrated, Low-foam, non-cresylic, alkali stable wetting agent, specially suitable for continuous mercerization.
  • High efficiency and stability to caustic (48 – 52˚ Tw)
  • Strong wetting action in alkaline baths.
  • Cresol free.

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