Finishing Process

Yarn Lubricants

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finox LUB / LUBDH Specialty softener, based on special wax softener to impart high degree of lubricancy to yarns, to withstand yarn-yarn & yarn-metal friction to enable smooth working of yarns on subsequent machines to avoid breakage and increase efficiency.
  • Yarn lubricants Imparts extraordinary lubricity to yarns to withstand yarn-yarn and yarn metal friction.
  • Yarn lubricants Enhances the knitting and weaving efficiency.
  • Yarn lubricants Improves sewability of yarns and sewing needle damages to knits and woven goods.
  • Application by both exhaust and padding methods.
  • No effect on shades of dyed substrates.
Finolube PEHID 40 High Density Polyethylene Emulsion

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